Handling Your Printer Cartridge

Printer cartridges are extremely important things. However you slice it, when you look at the printer cartridge, you can see that it is integral to the performance of your printer. Without a good and clean printer cartridge that is dispensing ink in an even fashion, you are never going to be able to get particularly good printouts for anything. Therefore, it would perhaps seem surprising to some that so few people follow any sort of proper procedure when it comes to them handling their printer cartridges. Sure a lot of people like to think they’re doing it, but very few people actually do it properly when it comes right down to it. Here are some things you should take a look at when it comes to handling your printer cartridge.

First and foremost, do not try to touch the copper areas of the printer cartridge more than you have to for things like arranging it for refills and things such as that nature. The copper area of the printer cartridge includes things like the head and the nozzles and the less you mess around with that area, the better things will be in general. Of course, if you need to clean clog out of the cartridge or do anything else of that nature, then you are going to need to handle the printer cartridge. But otherwise, try not to handle the copper area more than necessary.

Use the cleaning utility and the alignment utility that comes with your printer software as much as you think is necessary in order to bring about the optimal printing conditions that you want. There are a number of different cleaning utilities and alignment utilities that do good work that are not utilized at all by the people that purchase those particular printers. If you are going to err, then err on the side of overuse because while the utility does consume ink every time it is used, it is going to consume more ink if you allow it to become dirty and inefficient in the way that it dispenses ink.

While there is nothing wrong with refilling your cartridge again and again when it comes to the specific way that you decide to print in today’s world, do not hesitate to replace the cartridge if it becomes broken. A number of people that have started refilling their cartridges instead of buying new ones really have no recourse when they find their cartridges are broken; almost as if there is some sort of emotional attachment to the idea of never having to buy another cartridge again. Of course, this is not how you should view things; be happy that you save money every time you refill, but don’t hesitate to replace your cartridge if it gets to a really bad point.